Carpet Washing

            We take your every kind of carpets from your home, from the workplace to the time you want, at the time you want (Bünyan, Hand Weaving, Silk, Isparta, Milas, Shaggy, Step, Wool). Depending on the genre of your carpets, we carefully wash, squeeze and dry with our professional team and machines. After the washing and drying process is completed, we deliver it to you within the desired timeframe. Your carpets are washed and cleaned with natural and antibacterial carpet shampoos. The dust mites that form in your contaminated carpets are thoroughly cleaned from the fur and other dirt of our patrons. In addition, if there are stains that do not appear on your carpets, we will also take them out with special techniques for free and hand them over to you with peace of mind. Depending on your request, we are perfuming your halves and making them smell for a long time.

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